Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Have you ever watched a bee busily buzz, buzz, buzzing through the air on a never-ending quest for....pollen, I guess.  I've always had a fascination with the buzzing bugs and their antics.  Please don't mistake fascination for adoration, as I abhor all bugs.  I'm no different from the average bug-hater; I perform wild, native looking dances everytime a bug even flies near me (especially bees), and I run screeching like a mental patient every time a spider crosses my path (let alone my toe!), but I am slightly enthralled with these creatures that work, work, work from birth to death.  When I watch bees, I am struck by how they always seem on the go, never tiring, stopping for mere moments only to be off again on their continuing missions.  Secretly I envy their ability to forge on and get the job done.  But, perhaps that's why their lives are so short.  No rest equals shorter life spans.  Have you ever watched a turtle?

This past week I have felt like one of those busy, buzzing bees.  Flitting here, then there searching, searching, searching, mostly for anwers and a little peace of mind.  All of my searching has paid off, but I feel like I may have shaved off a few years from my life expectancy!  Is rest in sight?  Not really, but the little bit of peace of mind I have collected and brought back to the hive will sustain me and my family for a little while.  My journey is far from finished.  After all, I have three kids to raise.  For now, while I write this post, I will allow myself to stop a minute, breathe and reflect on the accomplishments of the past week.  I got some answers about my son, Eli, from the speech therapist that have been oh so helpful.  I am astounded by how much her advice has helped already.  I'm also astounded by the simplicity of her advice - Talk slower!  Use fewer words!  Even as I write it I have to shake me head and laugh.  Who knew!

My husband and I have found a fabulous school for our kids.  It will require a bit of a life-style change, especially once all three are there, but the rewards are oh so worth it.  I have gained that peace of mind that comes from knowing that your kids are on their way to a better life.  Isn't that what we all want - to give our kids everything they deserve, and maybe even a few things they don't, so they can have the life we never did?  Within reason, of course.  It's doubtful I'll ever shower my kids with ponies and birthday clowns, but a top-notch education is something I will glady give.  So, at least for now, Eric and I have given up our dreams of retiring early, traveling to distant and exotic places, or skiing the Alps.  Actually, we've given up thoughts of skiing all together!  And I have given up a very special dream that I've held close to my heart for the past year.  Giving these things up doesn't feel at all like sacrifice.  Maybe because they were things that were only future possibilties, and they are being traded for present realities.

I had very little time to try and come up with a way to turn the events of the past week into a cooking lesson for my kids.  On Friday afternoon I came up with the perfect lesson.  When life gets so hectic you fear slowing down will mean falling asleep on your feet, and you've neglected your laundry so much it's pouring out the door and creeping down the street, there's only one logical thing to do for dinner.  That's right folks!  This week I taught my kids (mostly my daughter) the fine art of ordering out!!  I don't feel even a little bit guilty.  It's amazing what a little peace of mind can do.

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